Hell In Paradise
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About Us

We are from a small town on the Big Island of Hawaii called Pahoa. This town is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world. In 2018 this volcano pushed lava underground and shot out underneath our homes. This experience felt like the end of the world. It felt like Hell was coming into paradise. Even though lava paved over our homes, our favorite surf spot, and most of the tropical paradise of Pahoa, that didn't stop us from making the best of what we have and continuing to grow. Disasters happen every day, and no matter what happens in life, it's about how it's dealt with. We are all about making Hell into our paradise.


Our Message

"Hell In Paradise" means to make any hell into paradise. It doesn't matter where life puts you. It is the mentality that gets you through it. We want to inspire others to make the best out of any situation. Our brand separates us from others by our uniqueness in designs, quality, and consumer satisfaction. We stand for all types of talents/abilities/hobbies because embracing your true nature is what helps you find paradise. The name Hell In Paradise or H.I.P represents our customers, no matter what talent or ability one has, being yourself is already unique enough. The H.I.P brand carries apparel for street fashion and athletics. The clothing itself carries hidden ciphers of different messages we promote.
We are the H.I.P brand.

More Than Just A Clothing Brand

Being a part of a brand is already amazing but being inputted in a worldwide community filled with talents ranging from: Skaters, BMX riders, Surfers, Photographers, Musicians, etc - is a whole different story. Hell In Paradise has built something more than clothing. Our company's Instagram (@hellinparadsieinc) is an interactive base for our H.I.P community to be involved with us while we engage back on a daily basis. Tag us to be featured on our page and for more news!